Diet for gastritis: menus, recipes and principles of home nutrition

Nutritional therapy for gastritis reduces stomach discomfort and pain caused by inflammation.

Correctly selected menu contributes to the effectiveness of therapeutic measures, the normalization of digestion. The diet for gastritis of the stomach includes treatment tables No. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. The choice of a specific menu depends on the level of acidity, the stage of the disease. Tables 1, 4, 5 have several options. In the number of the main diet, they are designated by letters and are used according to the severity of symptoms, the period of the disease (acute, faded, chronic form).

How much should you diet with gastritis? Strict control is required during an exacerbation and in the first few months thereafter. But ideally, a patient diagnosed with gastritis should adhere to the recommended chart during remission. However, menu extensions and holiday exceptions are possible. At least within reasonable limits, and if we are not talking about coffee, cigarettes, alcohol and fatty foods.

Diet for gastritis of the stomach: basic rules

Regarding the organization of the diet for gastritis at home, the gastroenterologist advises patients to adhere to five key rules.

dietary rules for gastritis
  1. Food processing. For gastritis, foods must be heat treated. Raw fruits and vegetables are also an exceptional case. Meat and fish are not eaten in pieces. These products are separated from bones, skin, tendons and prepared in the form of meatballs, cutlets, cabbage rolls.
  2. Fractional menu. Food for gastritis should be frequent. But you have to eat in small portions, at regular intervals. Ideally, the patient eats four to five times a day every three hours. The last meal is by 7 pm. Patients diagnosed with gastritis should chew all food thoroughly.
  3. Drink plenty of fluids. With gastritis, you should drink a lot. Especially alkaline drinks. The following waters are suitable for patients with gastritis: "Essentuki", "Borzhomi", "Mirgorodskaya". To eliminate carbon dioxide, the bottle must be uncorked and placed in a bowl of hot water for about 20 minutes, a useful drink before meals. In addition to medicinal water, for gastritis, patients are shown compotes of dried fruit and fresh berries.
  4. First courses. Soups are a must in the diet of a patient with gastritis. Instead, we prefer vegetarian recipes or second or third not rich meat broths.
  5. Cooking food. Patients with gastritis are not allowed to eat very hot or very cold foods. Food can be steamed, boiled, or cooked without the crust. Anything fried, pickled, canned, fermented with a diagnosis of gastritis is impossible. Porridge is boiled in water or half a milk without butter. In addition, in the stage of exacerbation of gastritis and in the presence of severe clinical symptoms, it is better to follow the recommendations for cooking, prescribed by the therapeutic diet No. 1. It was developed by Manuil Pevzner. In particular, it is preferable to eat food in pure form. Products are brought to the state of soufflé or pate with a sieve, as well as a blender. Table number 1 is usually prescribed during an exacerbation of the peptic ulcer.

In many ways, the dietary diet for gastritis resembles the recommended menu for children in the first years of life. There is no place for fatty, fried and sweet foods. The dishes are prepared without spices and with a minimal amount of aromatic spices. And to facilitate the digestion process, food is cut out as much as possible.

Principles of the low acid diet

The main task of nutrition in this type of gastritis is to stimulate the production of enzymes and acids in the stomach, to accelerate the passage of food into the intestine.

Preference should be given to pureed and liquid food, but, unlike other forms of gastritis, acidic foods are acceptable, for example, kefir, fresh cottage cheese, citrus. Outside the period of exacerbations, you can also eat fried, but strictly without breading and limiting the amount of oil. The temperature of the food should not be higher than 60 degrees and not lower than 15. The calorie content of the daily diet is up to 2500-3000 kcal.

Principles of a diet for high acid gastritis

Regardless of the causes of inflammation of the gastric mucosa, it is important to follow the diet when treating gastritis with high acidity.

It is similar to the treatment of the acute phase: no fried, salty, smoked, spicy foods, a lot of liquid and pureed food, small portions. Products should not provoke the secretion of gastric juice, stay in the stomach for a long time, and additionally irritate the mucous membrane. The nutritional principles are almost identical to the diet for acute gastritis, however, cutlets, meatballs are introduced into the diet, the daily salt intake is slightly increased (up to 8 g), and baked goods are allowed. Food is best steamed, stewed, boiled or cooked, eaten hot, chewing thoroughly.

The normal calorie intake for gastritis with high acidity is 2200–2500 kcal. Often the patient is additionally prescribed vitamin complexes to compensate for the lack of vitamins.

Dietary principles for acute disease

If an exacerbation of the disease occurs, it would be reasonable for this period to completely exclude all nutrition of the patient and give his digestive system rest. In the event that the acute form of the disease is caused by poisoning or taking certain drugs, it is necessary to first wash the gastrointestinal tract and induce vomiting.

Drinking hot liquids and tea is shown on the first day. The next day, if the patient's condition has improved, the process of feeding liquid food can gradually begin. At first, it is recommended to use liquid soups of milk and cereals, puree of meat and fish. Also allowed:

  • weak tea,
  • decoctions,
  • gelatin,
  • honey.

In case of exacerbation, exclude from the diet:

  • fresh fruit and vegetables,
  • meat broths,
  • fermented milk products,
  • Carbonated drinks,
  • coffee,
  • sweets,
  • any baked product,
  • cheese.

All meals must be steamed and served lukewarm. The calorie content of the diet should not exceed 2000 kcal.

What you can eat for gastritis: a list of foods

It is desirable to plan nutrition for gastritis of the stomach and a medical menu for every day, focusing on the rules of the fifth table. The attending physician will suggest a list of foods that are useful and should be in the diet. She will also determine a list of those delicacies that you will have to forget with gastritis.

Below is a basic gastritis nutritional table highlighting the main foods recommended.

Table - Proper nutrition for patients diagnosed with gastritis

Protein, g Fat, g Carbohydrates, g Calories, kcal
Vegetables and herbs
zucchini 0, 6 0, 3 4. 6 24
cauliflower 2. 5 0, 3 5. 4 30
potatoes 2. 0 0, 4 18, 1 80
carrots 1, 3 0, 1 6. 9 32
beets 1. 5 0, 1 8. 8 40
pumpkin 1, 3 0, 3 7, 7 28
Cereals and cereals
buckwheat (not ground) 12. 6 3. 3 62, 1 313
semolina 10. 3 1. 0 73, 3 328
oatmeal 11. 9 7. 2 69, 3 366
white rice 6. 7 0, 7 78, 9 344
Flour and pasta
noodles 12. 0 3. 7 60, 1 322
Bakery products
rusks of white bread 11. 2 1. 4 72, 2 331
jam 0, 3 0, 2 63, 0 263
gelatin 2. 7 0, 0 17, 9 79
marshmallow 0, 8 0, 0 78, 5 304
meringues 2. 6 20, 8 60, 5 440
marshmallow 0, 5 0, 0 80, 8 310
maria cookies 8. 7 8. 8 70, 9 400
Raw materials and seasonings
darling 0, 8 0, 0 81, 5 329
sugar 0, 0 0, 0 99, 7 398
milk sauce 2. 0 7, 1 5. 2 84
Dairy products
milk 3. 2 3. 6 4. 8 64
cream 2. 8 20. 0 3. 7 205
Cheese and curd
curd 17. 2 5. 0 1. 8 121
Meat products
boiled beef 25, 8 16, 8 0, 0 254
boiled veal 30, 7 0. 9 0, 0 131
rabbit 21. 0 8. 0 0, 0 156
boiled chicken 25, 2 7. 4 0, 0 170
turkey 19. 2 0, 7 0, 0 84
chicken eggs 12, 7 10. 9 0, 7 157
Oils and fats
butter 0, 5 82, 5 0, 8 748
Soft drinks
mineral water 0, 0 0, 0 0, 0 -
Juices and compotes
juice 0, 3 0, 1 9. 2 40
apricot juice 0. 9 0, 1 9. 0 38
gelatin 0, 2 0, 0 16, 7 68
carrot juice 1, 1 0, 1 6. 4 28
pumpkin juice 0, 0 0, 0 9. 0 38
rosehip juice 0, 1 0, 0 17. 6 70
* data are indicated per 100 g of product
what can you eat with gastritis of the stomach

The therapeutic diet for gastritis provides nutritious and tasty food. Other family members can join this table. The list of approved products allows you to experiment. For example, patients with gastritis can make sweet curd casseroles or vegetable pies. Kissel will appeal to both adults and children. Even fish pie or noodles will not leave you indifferent.

What not to eat with gastritis: a list of foods

From the diet during exacerbation of gastritis, first of all it is necessary to exclude spices, artificial food additives, spicy marinades, sauces and seasonings.

A list of what not to eat and the foods to abstain from:

Protein, g Fat, g Carbohydrates, g Calories, kcal
Vegetables and herbs
legumes 9, 1 1. 6 27. 0 168
Swedish 1, 2 0, 1 7, 7 37
cabbage 1. 8 0, 1 4. 7 27
sauerkraut 1. 8 0, 1 4. 4 19
green onion 1, 3 0, 0 4. 6 19
onions 1. 4 0, 0 10. 4 41
cucumbers 0, 8 0, 1 2. 8 15
canned cucumbers 2. 8 0, 0 1, 3 16
white radish 1. 4 0, 0 4. 1 21
turnips 1. 5 0, 1 6, 2 30
canned tomatoes 1, 1 0, 1 3. 5 20
hell 3. 2 0, 4 10. 5 56
spinach 2. 9 0, 3 2. 0 22
sorrel 1. 5 0, 3 2. 9 19
mushrooms 3. 5 2. 0 2. 5 30
Cereals and cereals
corn grain 8. 3 1, 2 75, 0 337
pearl barley 9. 3 1, 1 73, 7 320
millet groats 11. 5 3. 3 69, 3 348
barley grain 10. 4 1, 3 66, 3 324
candy 4. 3 19, 8 67, 5 453
Ice cream
ice cream 3. 7 6. 9 22, 1 189
cake 4. 4 23, 4 45, 2 407
Raw materials and seasonings
mustard 5. 7 6. 4 22. 0 162
ginger 1. 8 0, 8 15. 8 80
ketchup 1. 8 1. 0 22. 2 93
mayonnaise 2. 4 67, 0 3, 9 627
ground black pepper 10. 4 3. 3 38, 7 251
chilli 2. 0 0, 2 9. 5 40
Dairy products
kefir 3. 4 2. 0 4. 7 51
sour cream 2. 8 20. 0 3. 2 206
curdled milk 2. 9 2. 5 4. 1 53
Meat products
pig 16. 0 21, 6 0, 0 259
ham 22, 6 20, 9 0, 0 279
sausage with / seasoned 24, 1 38, 3 1. 0 455
sausages 10. 1 31, 6 1, 9 332
sausages 12. 3 25, 3 0, 0 277
smoked chicken 27, 5 8. 2 0, 0 184
duck 16, 5 61, 2 0, 0 346
smoked duck 19. 0 28, 4 0, 0 337
goose 16. 1 33, 3 0, 0 364
Fish and seafood
dried fish 17. 5 4. 6 0, 0 139
smoked fish 26, 8 9. 9 0, 0 196
canned fish 17. 5 2. 0 0, 0 88
Oils and fats
animal fat 0, 0 99, 7 0, 0 897
cooking fat 0, 0 99, 7 0, 0 897
Soft drinks
bread kvas 0, 2 0, 0 5. 2 27
black tea 20. 0 5, 1 6. 9 152
* data are indicated per 100 g of product
healthy food for gastritis

Before introducing any of the prohibited foods into the diet, you should consult a gastroenterologist.

Diet recipes

Dietetics offers several recipes to diversify the diet for gastritis in adults and children. They have delicate heat treatment regimes, do not use spices and fats. The main rule of nutrition for a sick stomach - food should be of medium temperature. Eating hot or cold will make gastritis worse. Below we will describe some recipes for eating at home with stomach upset.

Mucous broth is popular for gastritis of the stomach. Such a product soothes the gastric mucosa, relieves chronic diseases and increases digestibility.

Slimy rice soup with parsley


  • 1 parsley root;
  • 1 carrot;
  • 200 ml of lean broth;
  • fine grain rice or rice semolina;
  • butter on the tip of a knife.


  1. Put the rice in the broth.
  2. In the partial preparation stage, chopped carrots and parsley root are poured into the broth.
  3. When all the ingredients are boiled, chop them through a sieve, blender.
  4. Add the butter in portions to the plate.

Fish soup with egg

fish soup with egg for gastritis


  • 250 grams of lean fish broth;
  • 1 carrot;
  • 1 egg.


  1. Cut the carrots into small pieces in the broth.
  2. Boil until tender.
  3. Add the low-fat boiled fish to a plate and cut into an egg.

Vegetable stew


  • cauliflower;
  • potatoes;
  • arc;
  • zucchini;
  • carrots;
  • salt;
  • olive oil.

Stew in a little water on chopped onions and carrots on a grater. After 10 minutes, add the rest of the diced vegetables. The stew is stewed until soft. Cooking time 20-30 minutes. Olive oil is added to the vegetable stew before serving.

Menu for a week with gastritis in the stomach

Patients on a gastritis diet are advised to plan their weekly menu with recipes in advance. A clear action plan will help you avoid unhealthy snacking. It is much easier when the necessary food is prepared in the patient's refrigerator. And a person knows how and what can be quickly prepared from them.

Proper nutrition for gastritis (menu of the week) can look like this:


Meal Plates
Breakfast soft-boiled egg, toast, oatmeal, apple and rosehip decoction
Lunch dried fruit compote (1 glass), biscuit
Lunch buckwheat soup, pumpkin puree, zrazy chicken, milk tea
Snack a glass of low-fat milk, yogurt or kefir, toast (not fried bread)
Dinner noodles with steamed beef meatballs, vegetable salad with sour cream
Time to go to sleep a glass of low fat fermented cooked milk


Meal Plates
Breakfast buckwheat porridge, milk soufflé, tea
Lunch sweet oat broth (1 cup)
Rice based lunch noodle soup with zrazy beef, peas with boiled carrots, cocoa with milk
Snack fermented milk ricotta
Dinner vegetable meatballs in steamed casserole, honey with herbs
Time to go to sleep fruit jelly (glass)


Meal Plates
Breakfast fermented milk and honey ricotta, toast, dried fruit compote
Lunch a glass of kefir or low-fat milk
Lunch Mashed potatoes soup, vegetable casserole and turkey, dried fruit compote
Snack milk soufflé with fruit
Dinner rice porridge, boiled veal, boiled carrots with peas, milk tea
Time to go to sleep cocoa with milk, oatmeal cookies (no more than 2 pieces)


Meal Plates
Breakfast oatmeal, boiled lean fish, tea with milk
Lunch jelly with milk
Lunch vegetable soup with chicken, mashed potatoes and carrots, steamed cutlet, cocoa with milk
Snack fermented milk ricotta
Dinner meatballs, boiled peas, toast, dried fruit compote
Time to go to sleep a glass of kefir or low-fat milk


Meal Plates
Breakfast soft-boiled egg, toast, oatmeal, cocoa with milk
Lunch oat broth (glass)
Lunch pea soup steamed lean fish, baked pumpkin
Snack jelly with milk
Dinner vegetable flan, steamed lean fish, rosehip decoction
Time to go to sleep low fat kefir (glass), oatmeal cookies (2 pieces)


Meal Plates
Breakfast baked apples with ricotta and raisins, toast, non-acidic juice
Lunch a glass of kefir or low-fat milk
Lunch chicken vegetable soup, mashed potatoes and carrots, steamed cutlet, cocoa with milk
Snack fermented milk ricotta and honey
Dinner boiled chicken noodles, baked pumpkin, cocoa with milk
Time to go to sleep fruit jelly (glass)


Meal Plates
Breakfast Buckwheat porridge with milk, milk soufflé, tea
Lunch baked fruit, low-fat milk (glass)
Lunch cauliflower soup, steamed rice, cocoa with milk
Snack vegetable casserole, tea
Dinner Steamed lean fish, boiled carrots and peas, vegetable salad with sour cream, rosehip decoction
Time to go to sleep a glass of low fat kefir
diet menu for gastritis

The above is an example of a weekly diet plan for a patient being treated for chronic gastritis. This menu is described in books on clinical nutrition and clinical nutrition.

Diet No. 1 for gastritis and gastric ulcers

Such a diet has a well-chosen calorie content of up to 3000 kcal, which allows patients to lead an active lifestyle and not experience an energy deficit. A rich selection of foods allowed for stomach gastritis creates a menu that will not get bored. This is important, because a person adheres to such a diet and diet for several months in order to restore the acidity of the digestive juices. The first results with gastritis of the stomach can be found after 2 weeks of diet No. 1.

The treatment table completely excludes:

  1. Products with a high content of dietary fiber (fiber): millet, barley, wheat cereals, all kinds of cabbage, radishes, Jerusalem artichokes, spinach;
  2. Any spicy and tasty sauces and seasonings;
  3. Fats, including pure oil, are not allowed in case of stomach upset;
  4. Any broths (including mushrooms, bean broth), sour first courses: pickles, okroshka, cold soups with the addition of kvass;
  5. Smoked and salted meat delicacies: fatty fish, salted meat, sausages and sausages should not be used in the diet for gastritis;
  6. Sour fruit or vegetable juice;
  7. Fresh baked goods;
  8. Fatty and spicy varieties of hard cheese, fermented cottage cheese;
  9. Coffee and strong tea injure the stomach lining;
  10. Alcoholic beverages. Even in small quantities in the diet they aggravate gastritis.

All products that can be used for gastritis are prepared by baking, stewing, steaming, baking (but without crusts), rough products - clean.

The stomach diet includes:

  1. Steamed or baked fish dish;
  2. Non-acidic vegetables in the form of mashed potatoes: carrots, potatoes, squash, zucchini. Fruits: fresh apple, peach without peel or prepare jelly, jelly compote, bake. Otherwise, you can injure the stomach lining;
  3. Low-fat milk, low-fat dairy products (kefir). They will restore the microflora and normalize the activity of the stomach during gastritis;
  4. Boiled vermicelli, pasta, buckwheat or oatmeal (mashed cereals can be used). When preparing a side dish, you can add vegetable broth or milk;
  5. Dry sponge cake without layer, biscuits without cream, sugar, milk or non-acid fruit soufflé. They will serve as a source of energy in the diet for gastritis;
  6. White bread in the form of toast or dry croutons;
  7. Soups (vegetables, meat, fish). A prerequisite for the diet - use low-fat dietary raw materials. An ideal option for the stomach is hot soup from mashed potatoes, vegetable broth from oatmeal, egg soup;
  8. Lean rabbit meat, poultry: turkey fillet, skinless chicken breast. They just boil a whole piece for a couple, make a steamed cutlet, a meatball, a meat pudding for gastritis;
  9. Light tea with plenty of milk, milk-based cocoa, rosehip diet drink. Depending on the acidity of the stomach, you can drink non-carbonated medicinal mineral water.

Diet No. 5 for gastritis

When gastritis is combined with cholecystitis, liver disease, a person is recommended to follow table number 5 at home. It is also prescribed for people with mild stomach inflammation. The diet restricts the intake of foods rich in uric acid. The list of prohibited foods includes liver, yeast, canned fish, salmon, mushrooms, shrimp, mussels. The diet also limits the use of egg yolk.

Vegetable stew with zucchini

vegetable stew with zucchini

To cook the stew, you need to take 300 g of potatoes, 150 g of zucchini, 100 g of carrots, 2 tbsp. L. vegetable oil, 1 liter of water, carrot juice.

Zucchini and carrots are washed, sliced ​​and stewed with oil. The potatoes are washed, peeled, cut into large slices, filled with water and boiled until tender. Stewed vegetables are added to the finished potatoes with broth, salted, put on low heat for 10 minutes.

Cabbage casserole

The casserole is prepared with 150 g of cabbage, 2 tbsp. L. semolina, 1 egg white, 35 ml of milk, 1 tbsp. L. vegetable oil.

Mix all the ingredients in a small container and let the semolina swell for 20 minutes. The cabbage is finely chopped and combined with the mixture obtained. A baking sheet is greased with vegetable oil and placed in a preheated oven, cooking until tender.

Consequences of non-compliance with the diet

In case of refusal to follow a diet for any type of gastritis, the patient may encounter the following problems:

  • vitamin deficiency;
  • diseases of the liver, pancreas, duodenum, small and large intestine (due to disturbed gastric function);
  • significant weight loss (fear of eating);
  • peptic ulcer and its consequences: ulcer perforation, ulcer penetration - germination in the organ, bleeding;
  • formation of atrophic gastritis and its transformation into stomach cancer.

The gastritis diet not only makes life easier for the patient, it also disciplines the person.

The bed for gastritis is a complete and healthy food, it is the normalization of the lifestyle, the rejection of bad habits and low quality products. In addition, a diet for gastritis helps to normalize weight (those who have lost weight gain weight, and overweight people lose weight), since timely and adequate nutrition not only normalizes the work of the gastrointestinal tract, but also allmetabolic processes and, therefore, strengthens the immune system.