Watermelon diet: watermelon diet for weight loss, minus 10 kg, menu, reviews

The popularity of methods of reducing body weight is growing every day, the situation is especially tense at the height of the velvet season, when every girl tries to look slim and graceful, and the watermelon diet can help with this.watermelon diet for weight lossIt is only important to note that its disadvantage is the inability to use it even before the beginning of summer, as watermelons ripen closer to the beginning of August. Let's pay attention to this method of losing weight and find out what caused this technology.

Features and benefits of the watermelon diet

The watermelon diet guarantees weight loss

Watermelon diet is a difficult way to lose weight, with the help of which excess fat is removed, as well as toxins and toxic substances. With proper adherence to dietary recommendations, it is possible to achieve a positive result in the form of weight loss of 10 kg or more in seven days. But why do watermelons contribute to weight loss?

The watermelon diet is due to the following positive properties:

  • Watermelon is by its nature a low-calorie product, so the effectiveness of slimming is guaranteed.
  • Normalization of the composition of cholesterol in the blood is ensured.
  • Elimination of toxins is observed due to the action of the diuretic effect.
  • Normalization of the digestive tract.
  • It improves blood circulation in the body.
  • Provides the normalization of renal function.

Watermelon is not only healthy, it also has good taste properties, which is why it is impossible to find someone who does not like watermelons. The peculiarity of the technology for weight loss "watermelon diet" is due to the fact that a woman needs to eat the pulp of watermelons at the following rate: for 10 kg of body weight, there is one kilogram of product. The only thing you need to know is the ban on the consumption of watermelons in quantities exceeding 5 kg per day, because this can be a consequence of a deterioration in well-being. The duration of the diet is 10 days, if there are no negative factors such as bloating or other types of ailments. What the watermelon diet looks like, we will find out further.

Prohibited foods

The watermelon diet for weight loss excludes from the diet the use, during the whole period of the diet, of products such as:

The watermelon diet for weight loss excludes all types of drinks
  • bread;
  • hot meals;
  • meat;
  • Dairy product;
  • all kinds of drinks.

The advantage of the watermelon diet is to eat only watermelons and therefore lose weight up to 2-3 kg per day.

If in the first 2-3 days of the diet a person experiences exhaustion of the body, then on the fourth day there is relief in the form of an improvement in well-being. To make the watermelon diet effective, it is recommended that you empty the refrigerator the day before and stock up on a red candy.

Important! Watermelons are recommended to be used only those grown without chemical additives that do not have a negative effect on the kidneys, but on the whole body as a whole.

Watermelon diet menu

watermelon diet slimming menu

During the period of active weight loss, it is necessary to eat only watermelons, but the feeling of hunger is not excluded, so it is permissible to satisfy it with a slice of black bread.

Watermelon diet minus 10 kg per weekoffers such an opportunity if, together with the main product, you use low-fat cottage cheese. Cottage cheese allows you to satisfy the feeling of hunger, so the effectiveness of weight loss doubles.

  • For breakfast: you need to eat 2-3 slices of watermelon with low-fat cottage cheese.
  • For lunch: indulge your stomach with a few slices of watermelon with water-based rice porridge.
  • Dinner: Rice porridge is also used, but not only with watermelons, but also with cottage cheese. You can't do without afternoon tea and snacks between main meals, so you only need to eat watermelon pulp. The watermelon diet for the day is quite strict, but it is this factor that contributes to weight loss. After all, the harsher the condition, the more effective the result.

For women who cannot tolerate strict diets, there is a simplified version of the weight loss method, which is called the "3 day watermelon diet". In three days, you can lose 5-7 kg weight and thus, without tiring your body for long 10 days. After the watermelon diet is over, it is important to get out of it correctly afterwards, so as not to get better the next day.

Results and reviews

The effectiveness of the technique was proved not only by scientific research, but also by positive reviews of women who experimented with the diet on themselves.positive feedback from women on the watermelon diet for weight lossThe watermelon diet is due to extremely positive results, as for 3 days you can notice significant changes in your figure. The maximum duration of the technique is 10 days, so it is important not to overdo it.

A diet of watermelon minus 10 kg is very simple and, above all, effective, because the main weapon of a watermelon is its diuretic effect, which allows you to remove fat cells from the body along with waste and toxic substances.

The watermelon diet has only positive reviews, as everyone can check its effectiveness, especially when the appetite decreases in the summer and you only want to eat watermelons. The watermelon diet is simply not recommended for the category of people who have problems with intestinal disorders or excess blood sugar. If a watermelon diet causes you unpleasant sensations and discomfort, then it is better in such a situation to visit a doctor and find out the reasons. Otherwise, the effectiveness of weight loss depends not only on watermelons, but also on the desire to have a slim figure.